Foundation Design

The most important element of your home is the foundation. Unfortunately, it is often the one element that receives the least attention; because it is the least visible portion of the home. As one client said “Money that is taken out of the foundation can be put into doorknobs”.
Proper foundation design requires an assessment of the lot, the foundation soils, and the architecture of the house. Foundations need to be strong and either supported on a stable geological formation or isolated from the effects of expansive soil.
Once the lot and geology are defined a choice can be made between the types of foundations available to meet the client’s objectives for foundation stability. The foundation types available are:

  • Pier and beam
  • Suspended slab
  • Slab on grade (with piers and void boxes)
  • Slab on grade
The slab on grade foundations can be either reinforced concrete with rebar or post-tensioned reinforcement.