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Independent Foundation Engineers provide independent foundation inspection services in Carrollton and surrounding areas in the DFW area. We provide a comprehensive list of foundation engineering services including interior and exterior visual foundation inspections, elevation survey analysis, foundation contour mapping, drainage design, and foundation design.

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Carrollton TX Foundation Inspection

Foundation Inspections

Our professional foundation inspectors give homeowners and developers access to third-party foundation inspection services independent of other foundation contractors. It’s highly recommended to use the services of independent foundation inspectors in Carrollton apart from foundation repair contractors to protect yourself.

Foundation Design in Carrollton

The most important element of your home is the foundation. Unfortunately, it is often the one element that receives the least attention; because it is the least visible portion of the home. As one client said “Money that is taken out of the foundation can be put into doorknobs”. Proper foundation design requires an assessment of the lot, the foundation soils, and the architecture of the house. Foundations need to be strong and either supported on a stable geological formation or isolated from the effects of expansive soil. After the inspection is complete and the lot and geology have been defined, the proper foundation type can be chosen to fit the client’s objectives. The types of foundation are:

Pier and beam
Suspended slab
Slab on grade (with piers and void boxes)
Slab on grade

The slab on grade foundations can be either reinforced concrete with rebar or post-tensioned reinforcement. Independent Foundation Engineers are top-rated professionals helping homeowners with foundation design in Carrollton.

Forensic Inspections Carrollton, TX

Forensic analysis is a more detailed examination of foundation problems that may involve additional testing and analysis of soil and structural elements that are not done in a standard foundation report. The aim is to collect evidence for presentation in court related to claims for warranty and insurance claims settlement.

Foundation Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are routinely built to add support to structures and provide landscaping improvements. In spite of the important support they give to structures, there is rarely proper engineering done to ensure support capability.

Soil Testing in Carrollton

The support of your home depends heavily on the mechanical aspects of the foundation soil. Soil testing results are necessary for the design of the popular post-tensioned reinforced foundations. Failure to properly assess the variable strength aspects of soil results in foundation problems that are expensive to fix Our independent foundation engineers provide soil testing in Carrollton, TX.

Why hire a professional foundation engineer in Carrollton, TX?

Professional independent engineers will propose a plan to fix your foundation problems without concern for how much their commission payment will be on this job. When you are in need of an independent foundation inspector in Carrollton, Independent Foundation Engineers are here to assist. Give us a call today, 214-769-8355.

Foundation Inspection Carrollton TX

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