Save Money and Preserve Your Home

Professional Foundation Engineers

Will propose a solution for your foundation problems without worrying how large their commission check will be on this job. The fixed fee engineering report insures that you get a repair plan that addresses the real foundation problem. The engineered plan will not have extra piers to increase the commission check of a salesman (with no increased benefit to your house) or be a lowball bid to get your business (and leave your home not properly repaired).
People will most often call a foundation repair company when they suspect foundation damage to their home. This is logical considering the amount of advertising dollars repair companies spend to get the consumer to do just that, in combination with the offer of a ‘free’ inspection and estimate. Anything ‘free’ is always enticing, but then you get what you pay for also. The cost of a free inspection is hidden in the price of the repairs that generally average $10,000.
However, what most consumers are not aware of is that the person doing the inspection is a salesman that is most probably not an engineer, and there is no telling how much he or she really understands foundations or the reasons why they fail. In fact, they may have been selling roofing, siding, or some other home repairs the week before.
Often, consumers tell us that the reason they call an engineer in is that after three or four such ‘free’ inspections and estimates, they have three or four completely different solutions and possible causes of the damage. And our engineers have found that such solutions do not address the real problem, and can in cases make the situation worse.
In addition, homeowners are not usually aware that many municipalities in the Metroplex require an engineers’ report as part of the building permit, which is required before repairs can be started. In essence they are paying for an engineer, but an engineer that is working for the repair company, not for them. Cut out the middleman and get your engineering services directly.