Forensic analysis is a more detailed examination of foundation problems that may involve additional testing and analysis of soil and structural elements that is not done in a standard foundation report. The object is to collect evidence for presentation in court to establish claims for warranty and insurance claims settlement.
Professional Engineer Reports that answer the questions:

What is wrong? Why it’s wrong? What needs to be done?

The combination of visual exterior and interior inspections, elevation survey analysis combined with an in depth knowledge of the distorting effects of soil provide the answers to the cause and effect relationship of structural damage. This knowledge points the way to resolving the structural damage issues.

Warranty claims

Structural damage is a common source of disputes between homeowners and contractors. No matter how minor or extreme the damage the common defense of contractors is that this is normal. An engineer report that identifies the damage, why the damage happened and the method of correcting the damage provides a logical path to resolving disputes.