Foundation Inspections

Exterior Visual Inspections

The exterior inspection identifies the grade of the lot for drainage problems, slopes and physical damages to the structure. The damages include foundation cracks, brick and mortar cracks, open expansion joints, separation of brick veneer from windows, trim separations and fascia gaps. Each of these damages provides vital clues to what is happening to the structure.

Interior Visual Inspections

The interior foundation inspection identifies the most visible damages that are a constant irritant for the homeowner. These include slopes of the floor cracks in the foundation, tile cracks, sheetrock cracks, tape pulls and jammed doors.

Elevation Survey Analysis

The elevation survey analysis documents the distortion of the foundation. This information when combined with the interior and exterior damages tells the story of what is happening to the foundation.

AutoCad Foundation Contour Mapping

This is a visual summary of the distortion of the foundation in an easy to read format. Instead of having to digest multiple elevation measurements the contour lines connect points of equal elevation that provides a graphic representation of the distortion of the foundation.